Professional Diploma in

Interaction design

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What will you learn?
Full design process
6 months
5 hours per week
$ 2,225
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Professional Diploma in Interaction Design

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University for the UX design

Andy Mulberry


“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. “

Mark Mulberry


“You made it so simple. My new site is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site. I just choose the page, make the change and click save. “

Why become designer?

Be in demand
Designing: there is ever growing need of faster. Go deeper into the psychology of your ideal clients and the markets they serve. High-demand designers do this every day.
Get well paid
UX design. UX design tops the list as the most lucrative field, with an average yearly salary of $96,505. … These are the highest-paying design jobs in 2022.
Love your job
When you take a new job, you should find passionate about it and want to do the best of it and to put it in your profile that everyone likes.

Next course comes in: 1 October 2022

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Outcomes for you

UX is a high-growth sector. The demand for UX designers far outstrips the supply of qualified professionals.

UX designers are highly paid. The average entry-level salary for a UX designer in Germany for example.

For a UX designer in Germany for example, is €40,215

What will you learn?

Discuss your career goals. Discuss your career aspirations, and talk about how the course aligns with your career goals.


Microsoft Excel Startup Screen


Entering and Editing text Materials
Moving and Copying Data in an Excel Worksheet


Working with Basic Materials
Changing the Width and Height of Cells


Inserting Images and Shapes
Deleting an Excel Worksheet


Excel List Functions Wrap Up
Congratulations! You’re an Excel Macro/VBA Master
Focus on positive reasons.

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    Student stories

    “There are so many practical elements to the course. I really feel like I’m learning skills that will actually be useful to me going forward and not just learning a whole bunch of things to pass tests.”

    Brad Phillips

    UX designer, Communication Austria